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We are a Log Home Restoration Company that services all of Florida and Georgia. In today’s market, log home repairs have become better with state of the art stains and repair products. As a log home restoration contractor, we have many types of great products that can transform an old tired log home to look like it was just built. Sit back and relax and we’ll take care of the hard work. All we need is you colors choices and were ready to start your log home restoration.

Shows log home corner log home restoration Florida

Photo above shows first step in a log home restoration, with replaced log corners that were decayed. We normally require log sections of replacement to be cut out a minimum of four feet per repaired section. This repair do take time but the finished results will give you a beautiful, strong log cabin home. Photo to the right shows next step which is to fix and check window and door trim. Then energy seal and chink before log home cabin staining.

Log Home Wood Rot & Decay

There are many types of log home and log cabin decay from log dry rot to log water rot. We’ll not only do the log repairs and log restoration but also spend the time to outline what caused the log decay and rot. We can help you to fix all the deficiencies and put you on a maintenance program so you’ll never have to do an expensive restoration again. Moreover, the best part is we can keep it looking like brand new and let you focus on having fun.
Log rot and decay replacement

The photo above shows two logs that were completely  decayed with log rot after replacement. Next step is to start prepare entire home for energy seal and new log home stain.

Log home restoration showing energy sealing and chinking log home florida

From Old to New, Let us make your Log Home Beautiful again