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We hope these photos will inspire you and give lots of great ideas on staining your log home or log cabin. We have had the opportunity and fortune to work on lots of incredible log homes over the years. If I could share one of the best things I learned is the proper use of contrast. Most log home customers have the tendency to stain the whole exterior the same color, and although it looks nice, it can also make the log home look plain. It would be like ordering a custom cake that the icing is plain white, although it may taste excellent it’s plain. But add some chocolate covered strawberries and  chocolate drizzle and know you have the wow factor. The same applies to log homes; you see a photo below to the right that has a honey tone stain on the log walls and a dark brown for the deck. That’s a very simple contrast, but as you see, it puts all the focus on the main feature, the log home. It’s your chocolate drizzle and strawberries. Now that we’ve lost complete focus put this paragraph on hold so we can head to the refrigerator. The importance of contrast can’t be overstated. You’ll see another log home below that used green window and door trim matching the metal roof to add that great color contrast. At Florida Log Home Staining, we’re happy to take those few extra steps taking your log home from beautiful to breathtaking.  That’s where we shine, doing what our competitors won’t, and taking those extra steps. You will be so excited and proud when we have finished your log home staining or log home restoration. Just invite us to the restored home party and a few good reviews and were a happy team. We would love to opportunity to earn your business, feel free to call us anytime for a log home staining, log home restoration and or log home repair quote.