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Florida Log Home Repairs

Log home repair can be overwhelming to understand and to find a good log home restoration contractor is hard. At Florida Log Home Staining our expertise is in log home repairs including full complete log home restoration. We will take all the time necessary to sit down with you and explain the steps to repair your log home, the time frame to complete the work and to outline the total cost.

Our Log Home repairs include the following services plus more at your request;

Full log replacement

We will supply the log materials and remove the bad logs and replace with new logs. We can repair small sections to entire log walls. We will make it look as good as new.

Half log repair and replacement

Much time we see logs that appear to be rotten on the outside but as we open and expose we find that it is surface decay and now we can simply remove the decayed wood and repair by using half log siding. This application or method of log repair is the best case scenario for the customer because it doesn’t change the interior appearance of the existing log wall and does not make a mess inside the log home. Florida Log Home Staining also repairs and replaces all types of log siding. Again don’t worry about finding and sourcing materials, we do that for you and most the times have the materials in stock.

Window & Door Trim

We replace all rotten, bowed and or twisted trim on all log home doors and windows. We find on most log homes 90% and above have not had the proper installation trim out, sealing and flashing above the windows and doors. Log home Repairs on doors and windows are a major concern due to water getting behind trim and causing decay on window and door bucks. This scenario also leads to the decay of logs and makes a perfect environment for an insect infestation. We can check and repair, install flashing, seal your windows and door. For most customers, after a complete energy sealing of the log home, we have seen power bills drop over a hundred dollars per month.

Energy sealing  your log home;

Florida Log Home Staining will perform a complete energy sealing on your log home exterior. Sometimes customers confuse this process with log home chinking, although they are similar they are not the same. The difference is Energy Sealing is designed not only to just seal your homes exterior but to blend in and disappear under the log home stain. Log Home Chinking, on the other hand seals too, but is meant to be decorative and stand out. We offer both log home repair services. So if you simply want your log home sealed without changing the exterior appearance, we can Energy Seal. We also do complete log home chinking and log home chink painting for the customers that loves that decorative look.

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Photo shows an old log home after log home repairs and log home staining with complete log home restoration in Gainesville Florida
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Photo shows log home chinking stained to match log walls after log home repair on Florida Log Home