Log Home Maintenance

The Steps to Log Home Maintenance & Log Cabin Maintenance

Best Way To Maintain 

Your Log Home & Log Cabins

Designing Your Log Home For Less Long-Term Maintenance

Log Home Design is a big factor in determining the frequency of future log home maintenance and log home repairs. Poor design may really look good but cost you dearly in time and money.

One of the most significant factors is to make sure the roof system is not shedding water onto walls or creating a splash back of rainwater existing roof system to the log walls, decks, and porches.

If you’re looking for the smartest log home designs, they will always include wrap around porch systems. Although this increases the budget upfront, it will keep your logs in pristine condition unspoiled by water and sun damage. We have found the money it will save in the long term log maintenance offsets the initial upfront cost by many times.

Commercial Gutter systems is another item that will save you thousands of dollars in long-term Log Home Maintenance. We see this as a significant cause of log home rot and decayed log repairs.

Let’s talk about log home roof systems, as well as any type of roof structures. The more gables, valleys, dormers increase the chance of roof leaks in the future. Even when roofing is done right, you need to realize that it too has a life expectancy and the more changes you do in the roof structure, including penetrations, will shorten the roof system’s life span. These leaks that start as the roof ages can also tranfer to the logs are walls of gable and shed dormers. Keeping your log home cabin roof simple will save you time and money. 


Log Home with wrap around porch design for the best Log Home Maintenance

This is a great log home design for long-term  Log Home Maintenance, notice the complete wrap around porches. This protects the logs and will keep the logs beautiful and looking new for generations.